About Us

“Birch” is Tod Jones, a native of southern California who now lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. For twenty years he taught English composition and literature at the University of Maryland College Park.

“Maple” is Karen, a 50+ year-old woman in a 60+ year-old body with the hiking ambition of a 30+ year-old. Professionally, she works in higher education administration. In her free time she plays the flute, paints with watercolors, and volunteers in disaster relief for the American Red Cross.

Tod and Karen plan on hiking, either making a complete circuit or hiking part of a trail, every available weekend. They will also frequently camp. This blog will describe their experiences.

Hiking at Sugar Loaf

Hiking at Sugar Loaf


One thought on “About Us

  1. Crackin sent me the Webb site of you blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you hiking adventures. I’m glad we met you two and enjoyed talking trail with you and Birch. I was sitting at home early last Mon. morning listening to the wing howl and worried about your safety hiking off of Cove Mt. Good luck and safe hiking to you two as you continue your lashes. As I told you before please never hesitate to call on me if you need a lift or a helping hand while you’re anywhere near my area. Hope to run into you again. Richard (Roub) Massie

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