Scott’s Run Nature Preserve

I admit, I’m addicted to hiking. Tod’s schedule has made it difficult to hike together so on Sunday I ventured out by myself to Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in northern Virginia. Scott’s run is a hidden oasis in Fairfax County. Nestled between housing developments and the beltway, it is amazing that it has been preserved for nature lovers.

I began my hike off of Georgetown Pike at the entrance near Scott’s Run. The trail was a blanket of leaves.  In fact, along some sections it was really hard to tell where the trail was! The hike was mostly level and would be a great alternative for those with young kids.

Before long, I came to the Potomac River.  According to my guidebook, the shoals are known as Stubblefield Falls. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the view. I walked along the river for a while before meeting up with another part of the trail, higher up.

Although some parts of the trails are well marked, it wasn’t always easy to find my way. I’m pretty sure I took a “road less traveled” and ended up on an unofficial trail. I’m glad I finally met up with a major trail and made my way to the area near Scott’s Run. This time of year is so peaceful in the forests. Without the leaves I could see well into the woods. Even though it was cold out, a brisk pace helped me to stay toasty warm! Overall, it was an easy 3-4 mile loop. Well worth the trip!photo-4

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About Maple

I'm a 50+ year-old woman in a 60+ year-old body with the hiking ambition of a 30+ year-old. Professionally, I work in higher education administration. In my free time I play the flute, paint with watercolors, and volunteer in disaster relief for the American Red Cross. My Appalachian Trail name is Maple. Why? Maples are my favorite trees. :-)

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